Top 5: Best Dashboard Cleaners Review

Top 5: Best Dashboard Cleaners Review

Being an adult means you know how to take care of your things, especially when you spend a lot of money on that thing.

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your interior stays clean and looking good (Summer Maintenance List). As someone who just purchased my first fully-functional car without dents and 150,000 miles, I wanted to keep my new car clean inside and out. That meant I had to find the right products.

Along with regular cleaning, you need to use products that will properly care for the materials inside your car. You also want a product that will leave the finish that you prefer. To clean your dashboard and interior properly, here is a list of the top five dashboard cleaners on the market.

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Best Dashboard Cleaners Review

1. 303 (30313-CSR) Aerospace Protectant Trigger Sprayer, 32 Fl. oz.

One of the problems with many products is that they leave oily residue on your dashboard. This looks bad and can hinder your ability to see the dash. 303 Aerospace Protectant is water-based, so you won’t experience the oily residue. There is also no silicone in this product.

Best Dashboard CleanersBest Dashboard Cleaners

It prevents the sun’s rays from causing discoloration and cracks with UV ray protection properties.

Regular cleaning also assists in preventing future stains as well.

303 Aerospace Protectant also works on a number of other surfaces other than the dashboard.

It works on leather, rubber, plastic, plexiglass, eisenglass, vinyl, metal, and painted materials.

You will find that this product helps get your dashboard and other parts of your car as clean as possible.

2. Meguiar’s G13616 Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner

Best Dashboard CleanersBest Dashboard Cleaners for cars

Meguiar’s G13616 Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner is the fast way to make the interior of your car look and smell great. The smell isn’t overpowering or overly feminine, which means it’s perfect for any car owner.

The product is safe to use on all LCD displays. It also leaves a matte finish and has a new non greasy formula to eliminate oil. This product is not best used on leather, glass, or cloth. It also protects against UV rays.

Application is very easy. Simply spray and wipe. For a quick, cheap solution for your interior cleaning needs, this is a great option. If you’re looking for a wipe option, this product does offer that as well.

3. Meguiar’s G16216 Ultimate Interior Detailer – 15.2 oz

Best Dashboard Cleanerswhat to use to clean car dashboard

The Meguiar G16216 Ultimate Interior Detailer allows you to complete a deep cleanse yourself. It not only deep cleans the interior, but it protects and seals from future stains as well. Prepare for a stunning satin finish. While using, you will also notice that there are

The UV protection also helps prevent aging and cracks. Do not use this product on painted surfaces or delicate plastics. This is safe to use on LCD displays and touch screen displays, though.

Application is as easy as spraying and wiping. For best results, use at least once or twice a month. That makes it one of the longest lasting products on the list.

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4. Meguiar’s G4116 Natural Shine Protectant – 16 oz

Best Dashboard Cleanersdashboard cleaners review

One of the biggest differences between the Meguiar’s G4116 Natural Shine Protectant and the Meguiar’s G4116 Quik Interior Cleaner is the finish.

The Quik Interior Cleaner has a matte finish while the natural shine has a much more, you guessed it, shiny finish in comparison. Look at this video to see the difference for yourself:

The difference is purely preference. One look is not necessarily better than the other. Both are water-based rather than oil-based.

Another difference between the Meguiar products is what surfaces the product can be used on. The Natural Shiner Cleanser can not be used on all of the interior surfaces. Do not use on leather!

This product protects against UV rays. As mentioned previously, this is important to prevent your car from becoming discolored or cracked. This is particularly important if your car is parked in the sun during work or at home.

5. Armor All 10848 Protectant and Cleaning Wipe

Best Dashboard Cleanersbest dashboard cleaners review

The Armor All 10848 Protectant and Cleaning Wipe only comes in wipes. It’s another option for a quick cleaner that can be done in between more in-depth detailing. This is a great option to keep in your glove box or your trunk and use when you can.

The product will spruce up the look of your interior by removing dirt and other messes. These wipes are made to provide a natural looking matte finish. I greatly prefer this over the glossier finishes because of how natural it looks.

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This product works on just about everything (vinyl, fabric, carpet, consoles, leather, and plastic), but it is not best to use this product on the exterior or a touch screen.

This not have any strong smell to it. These wipes come in two packs of twenty five wipes.


I hope you enjoyed the list and have an idea of what makes each product unique and which one will be the best choice for you. Many of the products are similar, but you should think about whether the product is a spray or a wipe, what materials it can work on, and the type of finish that the product leaves.

Please comment anything you agree or disagree with. Also please comment if you have any experience with these products yourself. Don’t forget to share with the car lovers in your life as well.

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