Bottle Jack Vs Trolley Jack: What’s The Difference?

Bottle Jack vs Trolley JackBottle Jack vs Trolley JackWhen working on your vehicle, at some point you’re going to need to jack it up, be it tire change or oil. Although other options are out there, such as tire ramps and post lifts, the tried and true way to lift a vehicle is with a jack. Here is a brief look at two of the most popular jack types and reasons why each has its value.

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Bottle Jack Vs Trolley Jack

For many who already know their way around a garage, a jack preference might already be engrained. The truth is though; each has their strengths, it really just comes down to what type of work you’re doing and what type of vehicle you are dealing with.

Trolley Jack

Bottle Jack vs Trolley Jack

You may ask, what is a trolley jack used for? Trolley jacks are very popular and although they on average cost more, if maintained properly, will last you a lifetime. If you’ll be using your jack in a common garage environment, a trolley jack is normally the way to go. When compared with bottle jacks, trolley jacks are easier and quicker to use.

In the case your car doesn’t have good ground clearance, bottle jacks usually won’t work as they just won’t fit. Trolley jacks are many times much more stable because of their more extended body.

Another plus for trolley jacks is that they have wheels which allows them to move along with the vehicle as it’s lifted.

Bottle jacks stay stationary and can create potential hazards such as the auto falling or slipping and it’s important to keep these hazards always in mind and be safe. Trolley jacks are able to lift a car quicker, as most have a long handle as compared to the average bottle jack.

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Bottle Jack
what is a trolley jack used forA bottle jack also has its place. For starters, a bottle jack is much cheaper and can lift greater loads compared to trolley jacks. Large truck owners usually find bottle jacks easier since the clearance isn’t as much of an issue.

In some cases, truck owners will even replace the stock jack provided with the vehicle for an aftermarket bottle jack. Another obvious benefit with bottle jacks is that they are smaller than trolley jacks, so it is much easier to store them when space limitations are a concern.

Bottle jacks have a smaller, tighter lifting pad so they are to use in close areas where trolley jacks won’t fit.

The truth is, if you can own both types, then that is always best cause in some cases both jacks can be used in tandem for the same job. For example, when changing suspension parts, you can use the trolley jack to jack up the vehicle and then utilize the bottle jack to compress the suspension.

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Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of the bottle jack vs trolley jack debate. Both types have their purpose and are extremely useful in their own way. It really just comes down to your vehicles needs and what you intend to use it for.

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