Top 11: Best Diesel Fuel Additive For Your Ride

best diesel fuel additive

Best Diesel Fuel Additives (Full Diesel Fuel Additive Reviews Below)

1. Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Additive Check Price
2. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost Check Price
3. Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive Check Price
4. Power Service 1080-06 Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer Check Price
5. Genuine Ford Fluid PM-22-A Cetane Booster Check Price
6. Royal Purple 11722 Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer Check Price
7. CleanBoost® Maxx™ 16oz Fuel Treatment Check Price
8. FPPF 00119 KILLEM BIOCIDE Check Price
9. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment Check Price
10. Howes 103060 ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner Check Price
11. Archoil AR6200 (8oz) Fuel Modification Complex Check Price

Selecting the can be a challenging process especially if it’s your first time getting a diesel motor. The problem gets worse because all manufacturer claim to have the best product.

However, we have you covered.

We have selected only the top diesel additives based on research and recommendation by their users. That way you can be sure of the additive you’re buying. Whether for use in a motorcycle or car, these are 11 best diesel fuel additives for your ride.

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11. Archoil AR6200 (8oz) Fuel Modification Complex

best diesel additive to clean injectors

Archoil Fuel Complex is formulated to increase engine performance by solving problems brought by incomplete combustion and poor quality fuel. This additive causes complete combustion thereby reducing carbon deposit. Half an ounce of this liquid will treat 40 gallons of fuel making it economical for long distance travelers such as truck drivers.

Depending on the type of fuel you’re using, and the condition of your engine, Archoil Complex will improve Miles Per Galon up to 8 percent for US diesel. This product is concentrated and comes in a small portable bottle which makes it easier to fit in any space.

The bottle has a measuring chamber on top to make it easier to add the additive to a tank. From the reviews given by the customers, this product delivers outstanding results and presents value for money.

Archoil Modification complex has been the go-to additive for drivers who want to improve the efficiency of turbochargers and exhaust gas recirculation system. By using this solution, vehicles equipped with diesel particulate filter will benefit from efficient regeneration and increase in engine responsiveness.

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10. Howes 103060 ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner

best fuel additive for older cars

This fuel additive is the ideal solution of gelling problems. It has a better functionality in removing water from fuel filters. It’s designed to offer superior protection during the cold season, but you can also use Howes diesel conditioner in Summer.

This diesel additive will conserve fuel, and it’s even safe for use in all diesel and biodiesel blends. It’s a low sulfur diesel that provides the necessary lubrication and helps with mileage. Also, this additive will improve the performance of your car.

Howes diesel conditioner is ideal for fleet managers, car owners, maintenance crew and anyone who deals with diesel equipment.

Users of this product have no complaints when it comes to starting their engines in areas where the temperatures are below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It works great to increase your cetane rating and prevents any fuel buildups that might reduce your car’s performance.

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9. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatmentbest fuel additive for old cars

Lucas Fuel treatment is one of the best diesel additives to clean injectors. It adheres to reducing sulfur content in both vehicles and machinery. In its ingredients, you will find a combination of oils and additives that ensure complete fuel combustion. It will clean diesel and gasoline engines and lubricate your injectors.

Apart from reducing exhaust emission, Lucas Fuel treatment increase power mileage.By using this additive in your fuel, you will improve its burning capabilities. The result is a car with reduced fuel consumption. Its ability to extend the lifespan of a fuel system is what makes it rank in our top ten choices.

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best diesel fuel additives

Killem Biocide is mainly designed to solve any filter clogging problems. Diesel fuel is a source of food for many harmful bacteria and fungi. The condensation of water vapor in the tank provides favorable conditions for these microorganisms to multiply and cause clogging and corrosion.

With these bugs in your fuel tank, you will encounter multiple problems such as incomplete combustion, elevated production of smoke and poor detergency.

The best way of tackling microbial causing fuel degeneration is to use Killem Biocide. This 16oz bottle of killem additive will treat 1280 gallons. It will remove the biomass and reduce slim to ensure that your tank is completely sanitized.

KILLEM is EPA registered and considered a must-have in warm, humid climates where you’re likely to encounter bacteria and fungi growth issues.

This additive is recommended for both new and old injector systems to help them reduce plugging, exhaust smoke, and oil filter deposits. It acts a lubricator to cut down on tank deposits and corrosion. Despite its ability to keep engines clean, this additive will not improve performance and is not suitable for use in cold climates.

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7. CleanBoost® Maxx™ 16oz Fuel Treatmentdiesel fuel additives review

Diesel engines are an integral part of our lives. Therefore, it’s imperative we keep them in optimal conditions. You can improve your engine performance by using CleanBoost Maxx supplement. The manufacturer of this product cares about the environment. And that is why they have come up with a super concentrate additive that reduces harmful emissions.

Test conducted on this product shows that it reduces the rate of corrosion by preventing heat transfer and repelling water. ASTM D-6079 report indicates that this additive reduces friction so that it can improve the engine lifespan.

By preventing rust and corrosion, this additive results in an optimal functioning fuel system. One of the main advantages of CleanBoost Maxx is that it’s registered with the EPA program to ensure this product reduces carbon buildup through complete combustion.

Tests conducted on this supplement show that it can reduce HC emissions by 9 percent, particulate carbon by 26 percent and CO emissions by 10 percent. Instead of increasing cetane index, this product boosts thermal unit to ensure the fuel delivers more power.

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6. Royal Purple 11722 Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

best diesel additive to clean injectors

Royal Purple will clean up any old buildup and promote complete combustion to ensure your diesel engine is free of soot and carbon deposit. Its benefits are applicable to motorcycles, snowmobiles, terrain vehicles and personal watercraft. It prevents spark plug fouling and cleans injectors making it the best fuel additive for diesel cars.

Royal Purple is a great additive because it improves fuel economy up to 3.2 percent and increases horsepower up to 2.6 percent. The formulation of this product targets combustion chamber and fuel intake system. Deposits buildups caused by fuel combustion can have a negative effect on your engine performance.

With Purple Royal additive, you can reduce build up in your tailpipe emission and engine. It improves the functionality of both old and new diesel engine. Test conducted on this additive shows that it reduces Carbon Monoxide emissions by 18 percent, Hydrocarbon by 13 percent and Nitrogen Oxide by 13 percent.

Apart from cleaning the engine, this diesel fuel additive will also deeply clean injectors, intake valves, and carburetors. It’s EPA compliant and safe for use in all diesel engines including biofuel. When Royal Purple Max clean isn’t working to stabilize fuel during storage, it will prevent rough idle as well as inhibit oxidation and corrosion.

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5. Genuine Ford Fluid PM-22-A Cetane Boosterdiesel fuel additives review

Genuine Ford fluid contains a rich formula that is great for use in ultra-low sulfur diesel. As a USD compliant diesel additive, it solves problems brought by poor quality diesel fuel. It also prevents algae growth and increases fuel stability.

Suitable for Ford diesel engines, this additive is a cetane booster that will improve starting performance. Unlike the other brands, this diesel additive will double the cetane rate without using alkyl nitrates which can degrade the fuel.

Overall, Ford additive adds lubrication to prevent corrosion and engine wear. Lack of alkyl nitrate in this additive results in improvement of fuel economy and reduced injector issues. With this additive, your diesel engine will run smoothly and will not have algae growth.

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4. Power Service 1080-06 Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer

should i use diesel fuel additives

This diesel fuel additive is the best option for winter and people living in places with low temperatures. It has antifreeze properties that will prevent your fuel from gelling even when the temperatures are below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other features that make this product one of the best is that it’s effective in all diesel fuels including those which contain 20 percent biodiesel.

We prefer this diesel for its ability to prevent fuel filters from combining with wax. Also, it contains a formulated lubricator that prevents friction and keeps the car running smoothly. Reviews about this additive are positive which further proves that its benefits can meet the needs of your diesel engine.

Through its antifreeze properties, this diesel fuel additive prevents the wax crystal from settling at the bottom of the tank. Instead, it modifies the wax into a small size that can pass through the fuel filters without causing a blockage. It also contains a de-icer that prevents the fuel line and filter from freezing because of water.

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3. Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive

best diesel additive to clean injectors

If you have been dealing with sticking injectors, then Diesel Kleen fuel additive will help solve this problem. It cleans any dirty injector and prevents it from sticking in your engine making it the best diesel additive to clean injectors. By using this product frequently, you can decrease your cars diesel fuel consumption.

This product is one of our favorite choices because it boosts cetane numbers up to 6 times. As a result, you improve cold start and shorten ignition delay. With high cetane number, your car will have less engine noise and a reduction in both emissions and fuel consumption. It also assists engines to run smoothly by boosting power and reducing power lags.

Diesel Kleen additive is popular because it works in all diesel fuels without causing damage even to the new engine models. It makes a useful additive to diesel fuels like biodiesel, low sulfur diesel and biodiesel blends. It’s an all-season additive that decreases toxic diesel fumes while boosting your vehicle performance during winter. However, this additive becomes inefficient when temperatures are below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the rise in commodity prices, many vehicle owners are looking for ways to cut down cost. Diesel Kleen additive uses an advanced formula to improve fuel efficiency which cuts down on your fuel expenses. Furthermore, it can improve your gas mileage by 8% making it budget friendly.

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2. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

best fuel additive for diesel cars

Hot Shot is a multipurpose diesel fuel additive that will clean your fuel tank, injectors and lines. When water in your car’s tank accumulates for a long period, it can result in a buildup of grime and growth of harmful bacteria. This additive will remove any free water and create a coating in the tank to prevent the formation of rust.

The inhibitor in this product acts as a barrier against friction to reduce breakdown of the metal parts. Also, it stabilizes the fuel and boosts cetane to ensure your fuel lasts longer so that you can get better gas mileage.

Hot Shot extreme ranks amongst the best fuel additive for diesel cars because you only need to use it twice a year to sort all your diesel engine problems. A single quart of this bottle treats 75 gallons.

This amount is sufficient for diesel-powered vehicles with a tank size of between 32 and 38 gallons. So with Diesel Extreme, you can go for that long trip because your car will not lag. Instead, it will run smoothly, and you will barely notice any black smoke.

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 1. Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Additive

best diesel fuel additives 2018

Stanadyne is the best diesel fuel additive for your car. It even ranks amongst the top in Amazon bestseller diesel additive. This additive works to ensure your vehicle is performing at optimum levels.

It’s an all-season additive especially in cold weather, so you don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations affecting your engine performance. This additive is a cetane improver which upgrades diesel performance, therefore, reducing fuel consumption.

Even with all its benefits perhaps what makes this diesel additive our first choice is because it’s all-purpose. It will solve any problems related to diesel fuel. Stanadyne maintains its popularity for proving extreme cleaning effectiveness and reducing engine noise.

Unlike other products, this additive has no alcohol, lowers carbon emissions and will give smooth running engine which results in a boost in the mileage.

Frequent usage of Stanadyne will prevent the release of toxic fumes which cause harmful effects to the environment. Besides, this product has been approved for use by many popular car brands including Ford, GM and any vehicle brand that uses low sulfur diesel fuel.

Its formula has corrosive inhibitors that act as a defense system against rust and depletion. It also cleans, stabilizes, rejuvenates and protects your car fuel against oxidation effects.

Diesel fuel has come a long way. While once known for its black smoke, additives have made it possible to prevent gelling, carbon emission and slime buildup. Every engine has unique needs, but the best additives will add a ton of benefits like give better mileage, clean your engine, efficiency and improve performance.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it helps you choose the right diesel additive for your engine. Feel free to share this information and leave any comments or questions about this topic.

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Bottle Jack Vs Scissor Jack: What’s The Difference

bottle jack vs scissor jack

Importance of Jacks for Vehicle Owners

What makes a jack very important for motorists? People use this mechanical device for lifting heavy loads. The mechanical model utilizes screw threads while the hydraulic version employs hydraulic power.

Why use a bottle jack? This solid hydraulic piston-shaped like a small bottle can elevate heavy objects including cars. This particular floor jack costs more but can last a lifetime if maintained properly.

Many car owners and mechanics describe this device as easier to use. Compare the features of the two models carefully and find out which one is ideal for your needs.

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Bottle vs Scissor: Here’s The Differences

Which product or model makes sense? You must read different arguments as well as published customer reviews about bottle jack vs scissor jack. To reiterate the argument we mentioned previously, this type of jack can raise a hefty load compared to its counterparts.

Drivers of trucks and large vehicles do not consider ground clearance a problem. Some of these vehicle owners even opt to replace the jack provided by manufacturers with an aftermarket unit.

Furthermore, the small and compact size makes storage without a doubt. This jack can fit in rigid spaces whereas floor jacks cannot provide the same convenience. For example, when you change suspension parts elevate the car using the floor jack first and squeeze the suspension on one section of the vehicle.

Bottle jacks mount the cylinder perpendicularly to reduce retracted elevation which means a mechanical advantage since the hydraulic model boasts of higher weight capability.  The most effective bottled jacks ensure higher maximum as well as even higher minimum height.

Hence, this gear match lofty vehicles such as SUVs and trucks but will most likely not fit under the ordinary economy sedan.

Related: 7 of The Best Jack Stands Reviews (Safety and Quality Required) recommends the Powerbuilt All-in-One 3-ton bottle jack, the first and only portable jack in the market right now that can safely support regular and unibody trucks and cars.

According to “The Safe Wise Report,” bottle jacks maintain an advantage over scissor jacks when it comes to portability. The small bottle-shaped tool fits without difficulty inside the car trunk .

A comment from one subscriber at Life Pro Tips urged other motorists to consider the bottle instead of the scissor model. The latter can fall easily causing the vehicle to give way if you change tires on irregular or unbalanced surfaces compared to the bottle jack. Besides, you can use the machine effortlessly.

You can view this video to see how the Powerbuilt 6-ton jack works. Watching the clip may help you which jack will answer your needs making the entire process of deciding less stressful. Try to determine the best jack for your requirements.

What’s your next step?

best jack for changing tires

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Now that you have seen the upsides and downsides of the bottle jack, you can now decide on what type of device to purchase. Review the primary advantage and disadvantage. It can become easier to figure out the answer to bottle jack vs scissor jack.

Our opinion would be to take into account height difference if you still cannot arrive at a final decision. We will gladly recommend the bottle jack for people who own vehicles with much ground clearance and scissor jack for car owners with low ground-clearance cars. Our suggestion will hopefully simplify everything and remove all your doubts.

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Top 9: Best Portable Air Compressor For Cars And Trucks

best portable air compressor for cars
There are few events more frustrating than having trouble with your automotive tires. Whether the tire blows complete and has to be changed or simply goes flat and requires air, no one likes standing on the side of the road worrying about their tires.

That is why the best portable air compressor is a must have for any driver and their vehicle. With a portable air compressor, the power from the vehicle’s battery can either fix the problem in a matter of minutes or provide enough leeway until you can get to a mechanic.

Still, figuring out which model is the best portable air compressor for you can be difficult. That is why we have put together a list of the top 9 best portable air compressors for cars and trucks.

Portable Air Compressor Reviews

1. Viair 88P Air Compressor Check Price
2. JACO Smart Pro Pump Check Price
3. Bon-Aire Compact Air Compressor Check Price
4. V! Motor Portable Mini Compressor Check Price
5. Dynaplug Ultra Compact Compressor Check Price
6. AAA 250 PSI Compressor Check Price
7. VIAIR 480C 200 PSI Check Price
8. Brill’s Air Compressor Check Price
9. 7°C Portable Tire Pump Check Price

1. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

best portable air compressor 2018
Viair has earned one of the best reputations when it comes to portable air compressors. Moreover, the brand offers a full suite of products suited to everyone’s needs. Of course, when it comes right down to it, most people will have roughly the same needs. Generally, they need the best portable air compressor for car or truck.

The Viair 99P offers arguably the best all-around value for this purpose.

First, this air compressor offers some of the longest cables and hoses we saw. This allows you to easily maneuver the compressor without having to worry about reaching your tire chucks.

In fact, with a 10’ power cable and 16’ hose, you may very well be able to entirely circle your vehicle and still be able to reach the tire, depending.

In terms of the compressor itself, this is also one of the quicker pumps we saw. A single tire takes about 1 ½ minutes to fill. Since you can run the Viair 88P for 4 ½ minutes before having to let it cool down, this allows almost a complete refill.

This is in a large part due to the fact that the Viair pushes a surprising 1.47 cfm at 0 psi–though, that CFM does drop significantly to about 0.5 at 120 psi. Still, this compressor offers an amazing value at its price point.


  • Extra long cables and hose for easy maneuverability
  • Incredibly fast for only 120 psi
  • Much more durable than most portable air compressors
  • Provides a solid 1.47 cfm at 0 psi


  • Does not provide a good display
  • A bit more expensive than some
  • Only connects via battery alligator clips
  • Does not come with a case

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2. JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump

best portable air compressor for car

While a fairly young company, having been founded in 2014, JACO has still quickly risen through the din of automotive air compressors to stand out as one of the best around. The family business located in Illinois makes it a point to provide the best attention to their products which generally focus on instruments and gauges.

The JACO portable air compressor continues this trend with the SmartPro. One of the best features of the SmartPro, and the one responsible for the name is its automatic shutoff system. Simply set the desired pressure and turn on the air compressor. Once the tires inflate to the desired pressure, the JACO SmartPro will shut itself off automatically.

That said, the psi gauge can be a bit finicky sometimes. Thankfully, this leads to the JACO over-inflating the tires by about 1 to 2 psi rather than under-inflating them.

Also, the display itself uses clear LCD that is backlit for easier recognition in dark or dim light settings. Of course, if you need more light for the surrounding area, the JACO compressor has a bright light built into its frame.

One potential concern involves the two connections. First, the JACO can only be powered by the 12V adapter inside the cabin of the vehicle. While this is not uncommon, it does leave room for failure or shorting a fuse.

Second, the hose does not come with a tire stem. Instead, you must screw the hose connection onto the tire chuck–a process which can be a bit time-consuming if you have to inflate more than one tire.


  • Comes with a large work light
  • Everything fits inside the case for easy storage
  • Includes automatic shutoff
  • The psi gauge is reasonably accurate


  • The air hose is a bit short
  • Only connects via the cabin power outlet
  • Does not come with automotive tire stem
  • Not ideal for larger, heavier vehicles

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3. Bon-aire Atp50 12 Volt 250 Psi Compact Air Compressor

best portable air compressor for truck

While they may not be one of the bigger names in the portable air compressor market, Bon-aire does have a bit of a specialty in the general field. Though, the lineup actually extends a bit further than simply air compressors and encompasses water pressure and blowers as well.

This is actually a good thing because it demonstrates that the brand is familiar with these types of systems across mediums and can accommodate each.

In regards to the air compressor, the Bon-aire Atp50 provides one of the greatest air pressure capacities we saw at 250 psi. This alone might position it at the head of the best portable air compressor for truck category. However, the Bon-aire Atp50 is merely content to allow its maximal power to suffice in a surprisingly competitive market.

Instead, the Bon-aire also provides one of the most powerful motors for their air compressor as well. In fact, this is likely the fastest inflating air compressor we reviewed that was not a Viair–and it is actually as a fast or faster than the Viair within its power range.

Even better, the Bon-aire uses a digital gauge which is easier to read than the Viair’s manual gauge. In terms of the actual inflation of the tire, the Bon-aire once again provides some nice features which set it out about the pack. First, the hose is thick and durable, while the tire stem is made out of metal.

These two qualities combined to provide for a leak-free inflation. Moreover, the Bon-aire also includes an automatic shutoff, so you do not have to constantly guess when your tires are inflated enough.


  • Handles an impressive 250 psi
  • Includes an automatic shutoff
  • The tire stem is durable metal
  • Inflates quicker than most other air compressors


  • The air hose is a bit short
  • Only connects via the cabin power outlet
  • It can be a pain wrapping everything in the body
  • Adapters must be stored separately

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4. V1 Motor Portable Mini Air Compressor for Motorcycle/ATVbest 12v portable air compressor

V1 Motor is actually a fairly specialized company that does not offer too many different products. Outside of their miniature air compressors, the brand focuses more on aftermarket cosmetic items for Corvettes. That said, the heart and soul of V1 Motor is easily this portable air compressor.

When compared to most other compressors on our list, this is by far one of the smallest models we saw. In fact, it is so small that it can fit underneath the seat of a motorcycle or easily store in a rear bag. That said, this is not necessarily the easiest air compressor to pack.

This is due to the absence of a carrying bag and no system for fastening down the hoses. Instead, you are expected to figure that out for yourself.

Regardless, this air compressor was designed for easy and efficient use. For one, the V1 Motor comes with a multitude of different connectors including a 12V cabin plug, alligator clips, and SAE connectors. This means you can use this air compressor to inflate the tires of virtually any vehicle, regardless its power source.

The inflation function is also similarly well-constructed. All of the relevant components on the V1 Motor are made from either metal or thick rubber. This provides a solid durability even after years of abuse.

That said, the tire stem does not include a locking function, so you will have to hold it in place while inflating your tires. Also, the motor is only partially covered, leaving some of it exposed to contaminants or potential burns.


  • Offers three different connectors
  • Much smaller than most competitors
  • Extremely quick inflation time
  • Meaningful components made of metal and rubber


  • Does not come with a bag or box
  • Motor is exposed with only half casing
  • Cannot inflate balls or non-tires
  • More expensive than most.

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5. Dynaplug Ultra Compact 12 volt Tire Inflator Micro Pro Model

best portable air compressor for car tires

Found in 1991, Dynaplug actually got its start specializing in tubeless tire maintenance, offering a wide variety of products for at-home repair with this tire type.

Over the years, Dynaplug has modified their products, so they can function effectively well for both tubeless tires and tubed tires. This versatility is on full display with the Dynaplug Ultra Compact portable air compressor.

If you need the absolutely smallest air compressor available on the market, then there is nowhere else to turn than the Dynaplug. This compressor is so small it will actually fit in your hand during use.

Though, that is both a blessing and a curse since you actually have to hold down a trigger button for the Dynaplug to function. Still, if space is limited, this is likely your best option.

That being said, the Dynaplug is inconvenient in a couple other ways. First, due to its small size, the Dynaplug air compressor has no gauge of any sort to tell you how much pressure you have already pumped into your tires. While they do provide an analog pressure stick, this is not even as convenient as an analog pressure gauge.

The small compressor did manage to get a work light built into the body to provide better visibility while inflating.

Another potential concern is the length of the hose and cords. While the Dynaplug offers connections for virtually every vehicle with a 12V, alligator clip, and SAE connection, the cords are fairly short. To make matters worse, the Dynaplug’s hose, while exceptionally durable, is also on the short side.


  • The smallest portable air compressor we saw
  • Incredibly durable tubing and tire stem
  • Comes with a mounted work light
  • Comes with numerous connection options


  • A bit more expensive than most
  • Does not have a pressure gauge
  • A bit low with 100 psi capacity
  • Cables and hoses are fairly short

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6. AAA 250 PSI 12 Volt 6 In 1 Air Compressorbest portable air compressor for truck tires

AAA may be known more as a roadside assistance company, but they are actually a full-service automotive company. They offer everything from vehicle insurance to driver’s education courses. Of course, in terms of products, AAA specializes in ma

This is one of a couple air compressors we reviewed which is rate for a maximum of 250 psi. This means that the AAA air compressor can handle whatever vehicle you throw at it–a car, truck, motorcycle, or even a dirt bike.

Moreover, this is one of the few portable air compressors that does not suffer too much of a drop off in air flow as the tire pressure increases.That said, this is definitely not the most comfortable or convenient air compressors. What is provides in power and reliability it pays for in speed and volume.

To prevent the motor from bogging down, the AAA air compressor limits the cfm a bit so that it remains constant throughout. While this is fine for times when you need significant air pressure, it means that the AAA will take longer for most vehicles.

Still, the AAA air compressor considers safety and versatility as one of its primary functions. This product, like many others we reviewed, comes with a light embedded in the case for better visibility.

However, this light also comes with the option to flash for signaling and a red cover to signal to other drivers at night. Finally, the AAA also comes with three different chucks, so you can inflate the tires of virtually any vehicle you may have.


  • Handles an impressive 250 psi
  • Includes a work light with flashing warning conversion
  • No issues with high-pressure inflation
  • Can inflate three different types of chucks


  • Does not provide a good display
  • Only connects via the cabin power outlet
  • Does not inflate as quickly as others
  • Is one of the louder compressors

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7. VIAIR 480C 200 PSI Dual Performance Value Pack

best portable 12v air compressor 2018

Beyond the veritable sterling reputation VIAIR has already earned in the air compressor market, the company produces products of such a high quality that they are even contracted for air compressor work in the aerospace industry.

That being the case, it should come as no surprise that VIAIR is the only brand on our list that offers an air compressor which can provide inflation purposes well-beyond tires.

Whether it is for construction, RV, or other automotive purposes, the VIAIR 480C is a heavy-duty air compressor that has you covered.

While not the greatest pressure capacity on our list, this air compressor can handle up to 200 psi. Of course, if you are simply using the 480C to inflate your tires, you will not need nearly that much.

This is where the VIAIR 480C truly shines. With an incredibly powerful motor and fairly large tank, the 480C can put out 1.76 cfm at 0 psi. While that number decreases to a third of its total at the highest pressure levels, it still maintains well over 1 cfm for most vehicle’s tires rated between 30 to 40 psi.

Much like other VIAIR compressors, this allows the 480C to inflate tires much quicker than most other air compressors.

Unfortunately, as a heavy-duty compressor, this product does come with some unique installation requirements. For instance, this compressor is only safe to use if bolted down.

This means that it is not ideal for car use, but can still be the best portable air compressor for truck. Still, this compressor’s power requirements also necessitate that it be hardwired to the vehicle’s power supply.


  • An extremely durable air compressor
  • Handles a solid 200 psi
  • Provides 1.76 cfm at 0 psi
  • Inflates quicker than any other we saw


  • Prohibitively expensive compared to others
  • Does not offer a great display
  • Must be mounted and hardwired to the vehicle
  • One of the loudest air compressors reviewed

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8. BRILL’S DAC12 Digital Air Compressor

best tire inflator 2018

BRILL’S is a bit of a unique company in that it goes well-beyond specializing in automotive solutions. In fact, it goes one step further than specializing in portable air compressors. As it turns out, BRILL’S only makes a single product–this air compressor. As such, you can expect that they put their heart and soul into the only product they manufacture.

In that vein, this air compressor is actually designed more for a general purpose homeowner than it is for automotive uses. It is not that the compressor is a poor product, it simply has been designed to be used in a multitude of situations around the house.

That being the case, this air compressor provides a reliable function, but it will take a bit longer to inflate your vehicle’s tires than some of the other products on our list.

Of course, being made for the homeowner, it does at least offer a wide range of convenient features. For instance, this air compressor features a digital gauge that is backlit in green for easier viewing. Moreover, to help with seeing the workspace, the BRILL’S air compressor also comes with a bright light embedded in the casing.

That said, the connections do leave a bit to be desired. For one, the tire stick is made out of plastic and does not include any locking mechanism. This can lead to air leaking out of the side of the chuck if you are not paying attention. Also, this air compressor can only be powered by a DC 12V outlet–though it does include an AC adapter for home use.


  • Comes with a work and emergency light
  • Includes an automatic shutoff
  • Includes various adapters and a USB charger
  • The digital gauge is fairly accurate


  • The air hose is a bit short
  • Only connects via the cabin power outlet
  • Takes longer to inflate than some others
  • Housing is made from glass-filled nylon

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9. 7℃ Portable Tire Inflator Pumpbest tire inflator for cars

Much like some other brands on our list, 7℃ does not offer many products, instead preferring to focus on providing the best product they can. In this instance, that is a 12V 150 psi portable air compressor.

While this is reasonably similar to many of the other air compressors we have reviewed, it actually provides a feature that makes it far more ideal for use outside of the United States.Like many of the air compressors on our list, the 7℃ can only be powered by the 12V DC outlet in the cabin of your vehicle.

That said, this air compressor does at least come with a wide variety of adapters to fit different types of tires. On the flip side, the adapters are plastic and may leak air if you are not careful. This also means that you must hold the hose while inflating the tire.


7℃ has taken all of the guesswork out of that process by providing one of the best digital pressure gauges we saw. First, this uses bright LEDs to display the pressure readouts–rather than lighting the back and letting the numbers stand in negative relief.

But even better, this is one of the only air compressors we saw which would display the pressure readouts in five different values: PS, /BAR, KPA, KG, and CM².

Of course, you may not even need to worry about the different pressure readouts since this compressor features an automatic shutoff function that is one of the more accurate we saw.

This air compressor also provides the second-longest power cable and air hose on our list, so you do not have to worry about the compressor reaching your tires comfortably.


  • Comes with a work and emergency light
  • Includes an automatic shutoff
  • Includes various adapters
  • Longer wiring and hose than most
  • Best display we saw


  • Not the most powerful pump
  • Tire stem is only okay
  • Only connects via the cabin power outlet
  • Housing is plastic without rubber feet

Check The Latest Price


Ultimately, the best portable air compressor will depend heavily on the vehicle you purchase and your budget. While there are plenty of models priced reasonably, you may have a vehicle that fares better with a more specialized model.

For larger vehicle like trucks, the VIAIR is likely the most powerful and quickest, but it does have a more complicated installation. Cars will similarly appreciate the VIAIR power, except this time coming from the smaller, more manageable 88P

Of course, if you are looking for a portable air compressor for your motorcycle or ATV, you may want to look at either the Dynaplug or the V1 Motor. Both are exceptionally small and can also be used to inflate the tires of cars and most trucks.

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Bottle Jack Vs Trolley Jack: What’s The Difference?

Bottle Jack vs Trolley JackBottle Jack vs Trolley JackWhen working on your vehicle, at some point you’re going to need to jack it up, be it tire change or oil. Although other options are out there, such as tire ramps and post lifts, the tried and true way to lift a vehicle is with a jack. Here is a brief look at two of the most popular jack types and reasons why each has its value.

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Bottle Jack Vs Trolley Jack

For many who already know their way around a garage, a jack preference might already be engrained. The truth is though; each has their strengths, it really just comes down to what type of work you’re doing and what type of vehicle you are dealing with.

Trolley Jack

Bottle Jack vs Trolley Jack

You may ask, what is a trolley jack used for? Trolley jacks are very popular and although they on average cost more, if maintained properly, will last you a lifetime. If you’ll be using your jack in a common garage environment, a trolley jack is normally the way to go. When compared with bottle jacks, trolley jacks are easier and quicker to use.

In the case your car doesn’t have good ground clearance, bottle jacks usually won’t work as they just won’t fit. Trolley jacks are many times much more stable because of their more extended body.

Another plus for trolley jacks is that they have wheels which allows them to move along with the vehicle as it’s lifted.

Bottle jacks stay stationary and can create potential hazards such as the auto falling or slipping and it’s important to keep these hazards always in mind and be safe. Trolley jacks are able to lift a car quicker, as most have a long handle as compared to the average bottle jack.

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Bottle Jack
what is a trolley jack used forA bottle jack also has its place. For starters, a bottle jack is much cheaper and can lift greater loads compared to trolley jacks. Large truck owners usually find bottle jacks easier since the clearance isn’t as much of an issue.

In some cases, truck owners will even replace the stock jack provided with the vehicle for an aftermarket bottle jack. Another obvious benefit with bottle jacks is that they are smaller than trolley jacks, so it is much easier to store them when space limitations are a concern.

Bottle jacks have a smaller, tighter lifting pad so they are to use in close areas where trolley jacks won’t fit.

The truth is, if you can own both types, then that is always best cause in some cases both jacks can be used in tandem for the same job. For example, when changing suspension parts, you can use the trolley jack to jack up the vehicle and then utilize the bottle jack to compress the suspension.

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Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of the bottle jack vs trolley jack debate. Both types have their purpose and are extremely useful in their own way. It really just comes down to your vehicles needs and what you intend to use it for.

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Top 9: Best Car Battery Chargers

Best Car Battery Chargers

It’s a fact that most auto owners highly regard their cars’ exterior beauty. We only pay real attention to the interior when an actual problem occurs. It could range from a brake failure to a dead car battery. The latter is quite common. Sadly, it always happens when you want to hit the road. A good car battery charger is an essential tool for any car owner. It’s the only tool you need, to avoid disappointment from a dead car battery.

But who has the time to stare at auto-dealer websites, looking for the right car battery charger? Below is a detailed list of the top 9 best car battery chargers presently in the market.

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Top 9 Battery Chargers

1. Deltran Battery Tender Check Price
2. NOCO Genius G3500 Check Price
3. CTEK Multi US 4.3 12V Check Price
4. NOCOGenius G15000 Check Price
5. Optima Digital 400 Check Price
6. Schumacher SE-1052 Check Price
7. KeyLine Chargers KC-75A Check Price
8. CTEK Multi US 3300 Check Price
9. Black & Decker Check Price

#9 Black & Decker BC6BDW

Black & Decker BC6BDW - Best Car Battery Chargers

You have probably heard of Black & Decker home appliances. The company is well known for its quality and effective products. They also make one of the best car battery chargers in the market right now, the Black & Decker BC6BDW . It’s an automatic and smart battery charger. The charger can detect the battery type and set its appropriate charging rate.

Test Test

It is quite easy to use and comes equipped with an inbuilt safety protection. The charger protects your battery against overcharging, short-circuiting and reverse polarity. The charger is suited for low voltage extension cord constraints as well as using low voltage AC. To operate it, you have to connect it via battery clips or a 12-Volt accessory plug.

The BC6BDW comes with hooks that allow you to operate it hands-free. However, this charger is IP67 rated. That means its completely sealed from dust or water to avoid corrosion.

It is also certified as good performing and safe. It’s suitable for demanding outdoor operations. The BC6BDW comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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#8 CTEK Multi US 3300

CTEK Multi US 3300 - Best Car Battery Chargers The Swedish, CTEK brand is not quite common among auto-retailers. However, it’s one of the best car battery chargers preferred by car manufacturers. Its unique design makes it operable even in extreme weather conditions. The CTEK 3300 model car battery charger is fully automatic equipped and charges your battery in a four-stage process. The Swedish manufacture patented its pulse charging process. The charger has two charging modes depending on your battery voltage capacity, 0.8A and 3.0A. The CTEK 3300 is gentle on batteries even after a long period of disuse. The charger’s smart technology allows it to monitor your battery before charging it. The monitoring allows the charger to determine the best charging voltage that suits your battery. The charger also has a patented method of desulphation that allows it to charge discharged batteries. CTEK 3300 developers claim that their charger produces clean current and voltage that does not affect your car’s electrical functioning. The charger is equipped with protection a feature that disallows overcharging, reverse polarity, and short-circuiting. The CTEK US 3300 comes with a 5-year limited warranty. However, customers consider it very expensive.

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#7 KeyLine Chargers KC-75A-MP

KeyLine Chargers KC-75A-MP - Best Car Battery ChargersThe KeyLine Mini-Pro is also listed as one of the best car battery chargers in the auto world. It is built with state-of-the-art technology that enables it to recondition your discharged car battery. The Mini-Pro charges your discharged battery in five different stages. All the five, ensure your battery reaches its full voltage capacity. One of the stages includes a desulphation phase. The phase ensures the battery is intensely charged and lasts longer. The phase also eliminates the occurrence of complete discharge of your battery. The Mini-Pro is also able to preserve your battery, further extending its lifespan. The KeyLine Mini-Pro comes with a 5-year warranty.

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#6 Schumacher SE-1052

Schumacher SE-1052 - Best Car Battery Chargers The Schumacher SE-1052 is a manual car battery charger. Do not despise it yet, it’s effortless to use and very powerful. It is equipped with a multifunctional unit that analyzes detects your other car problems and charge your battery at the same time. It also has a power switch that allows three functional charging rates. The 50A recondition dead batteries and performs emergency jump starts. The 10A is for ordinary charging session. The 2A is meant for a small battery. However, the SE-1052 is quite heavy, although it is fitted with a wheel to ease movement. It also utilizes trickle charging to charge a 12-Volt battery in up to 12 hours. Related: Top 10: Best Trickle Charger For Car Batteries And Motorcycles

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#5 Optima Digital 400

Optima Digital 400 - Best Car Battery Chargers Optima is one of the best car battery charger designers. The Optima Digital 400charger is a 4.0A that is capable of reconditioning discharged that other chargers cannot. The Optima can recover a discharged battery, up to 1.25-Volts. It is one of the best deep cycle battery chargers out there. The Optima is fully automatic and emphasizes your battery’s performance. It is equipped with an in-built health mode that significantly extends your battery’s lifespan. The Optima is also equipped with an LED battery charging gauge fitted with an LCD screen and battery icon alerts. You will be able to hear and check your battery charging as it progresses. It also comes with a temperature compensation feature. The feature ensures your battery is charged at the best temperature regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Also included is a protection feature that disallows reverse polarity in your battery. The Optima comes with a 3-year warranty.

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#4 NOCO Genius G15000

NOCO Genius G15000 - Best Car Battery Chargers The G15000 is one of the most popular car battery chargers amongst heavy vehicle owners. The G15000 is only available in models to charge 12 and 24-Volt batteries. If you have a 6-Volt battery, you might want to go for the NOCO G3500. The G15000 is a fully automatic charger, which guarantees you safe battery charging. Its design is unique and makes it very light to carry. It is accompanied by heavy-duty clamps that are easy to connect. The G15000 has a waterproof casing that prevents entry of moisture, dust, and oil. The case makes the G1500 very durable and significantly extends its lifespan. It is equipped with safety features that prevent your battery from overcharging, short-circuiting and reverse polarity. Also equipped, are features that allow automatic battery monitoring as well as perform an advanced diagnosis of your car’s electrical malfunctions. The jump charge feature will help you during emergency jump starts. The G15000 comes with a 5-year limited warranty. It is, however, quite expensive. Related: Top 10: What is The Best Lithium Jump Starter on the Market

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#3 CTEK Multi US 4.3 12V

CTEK Multi US 4.3 12V - Best Car Battery ChargersThe Swedish also built another excellent car battery charger, the CTEK Multi US 4. The battery charger is considered to have the best charging capability. Its developers installed a charging software that delivers 0.8A or 0.43A while charging your 12-Volt battery. The CTEK Multi US 4.3 is an automatic charger that also maintains your battery in 8 steps. The steps significantly extend your battery and improve its performance. It’s capable of reconditioning your deep discharged battery, making it the best deep cycle battery charger. The model is water resistant, and you can use it in the rain or snow. It also has a long lifespan. It does not affect your battery even after months of disuse. The CTEK has protection features that prevent your battery from overcharging and short-circuiting. The battery charger comes with many accessories that you can connect to charge other batteries. The CTEK comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

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#2 NOCO Genius G3500

NOCO Genius G3500 - Best Car Battery ChargersThe NOCO G3500 is the smallest and most light car battery charger available out there. It is entirely automatic and operates in eight modes. The charger has a recovery mode that can recondition discharged batteries and disulphate others to some extent. It is operable even in extreme weather conditions. The G3500 has two charging rates 0.9A and 3.5A depending on the size of your battery. The G3500 developers claim that their charger has a charging speed eight times faster than any other car battery charger. Once the battery is charged to full capacity, the charger switches into float mode to prevent overcharging. The charger is equipped with protection features that disallow reverse polarity and sparks from entering your battery. Also included is a fuse to prevent your battery from short-circuiting. If you leave your battery fully charged but still connected, the charger has an abnormality protection feature that switches it off automatically. The G3500 can still deliver optimal results even in varying voltage situations. The charger does not come cheap, it will cost you up to $ 60 a piece.

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#1 Deltran Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

Deltran Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 - Best Car Battery Chargers The Delteran is a 1.25A battery charger that charges your battery as fast as a 3.0A charger. It is the best car battery charger and also happens to be the most trusted. It is equipped with an automatic full charge to float feature that keeps it safe and effective. The feature enables it to eliminate bad effects caused by trickle chargers. It is able to maintain your battery at the best voltage and automatically switches to float mode. It also comes with a temperature compensation feature that allows your battery to charge at the best temperature, regardless of the prevailing weather condition. The Deltran charges your battery in four-stage charging process to ensure your battery reaches full capacity. The red and green lights alternate to provide the extent of your battery’s capacity. The Deltran comes with a quick connect feature that eases access of hard to reach areas. Also included, are protection features that disallow reverse polarity and sparks that may enter your battery. The Deltran comes with a whopping 10-year limited warranty.

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The list includes the top 9 best car battery chargers in the auto world. If you make an effort to own any one of these, trust me, you will never have to bear with dead car battery frustrations. Better yet, you will not be that guy who stops other motorists by the roadside to help you jumpstart your car. I hope you find this article as enjoying and informative. If you do, share it with you fellow petrol heads out there. Should you have any questions, comments, or compliments, do not hesitate to send them to us.

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Top 7: Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger Reviews (For Cars)

Making sure that you have a working deep cycle battery is a vital part of any vehicle maintenance. The type of charger that you use to keep your battery in working order matters ensuring that your battery gives you its best performance and doesn’t get damaged by overcharging. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best deep cycle battery charger for your car and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Deep Cycle Battery Charger vs Regular

A deep-cycle battery is designed to be deeply discharged regularly using most of its capacity. A starter battery was built to have short bursts of high-currents to crank engines and only discharging a small part of their capacity. Deep cycle batteries are often used for trolling boat motors, RV’s, forklifts, and various marine uses.

Features of the Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger for cars

Battery Type

Always know what type of battery your car has and what its specifications are including amps per hour capacity and input voltage. These are important facts to know to make sure you choose the right charger.

Battery Capacity

One issue that many people have is purchasing a charger that will undercharge or overcharge their batteries. Make sure that you know your battery’s capacity and find the right Ah rating to match up the charger correctly. Remember that overcharge your battery can cause it to overheat and damage your battery.

Durability and Safety

Waterproof chargers will help to guarantee that there aren’t any potential shocks and stop condensation from getting inside the charger as well as stop sparking. You also want to make sure that the charger complies with safety standards and include other safety features.

Battery Voltage

Make sure that the charger is able to provide the right voltage that is required by your battery. In general, a deep cycle batteries have 12 volts and if you have multiple batteries, there should be a parallel connection. Remember not to connect a series of marine batteries since the life of the battery can be affected by unbalanced charging.

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Top 7 Battery Chargers

1. NOCO Gen3 Battery Charger Check Price
2. Schumacher Battery Charger Check Price
3. ProMariner Prosport Battery Charger Check Price
4. MinnKota MK Battery Charger Check Price
5. NOCO Gen2 Battery Charger Check Price
6. Weego Battery Charger Check Price
7. Marinco Battery Charger Check Price

NOCO GEN3 Battery Charger

best deep cycle battery charger

Having a high-quality charger for your car battery can keep your drives worry-free, so you can focus on where you are going and not be concerned if you are going to get there. With the NOCO GEN3 Battery Charger, you will have a worry free experience when you need to charge your battery right away.

Very safe for anyone to use, the NOCO GEN3 will not generate sparks or overcharge the battery. You also don’t have to worry about short circuits, open circuits, reverse battery hookup, or overheating. This is a great choice for your next battery charger, especially if you want to charge your battery the correct way.

The NOCO GEN3 works on gel cell, wet cell, enhanced flooded, AGM, or any other type of maintenance-free battery. Completely waterproof, this charger is totally sealed to protect it from extreme conditions. It also uses Rapid Charging Technology to make charging a battery twice as fast compared to its competitors making charging a battery a really simple task.


  • ETL approved
  • Compact, lightweight, and effective charger
  • Charges deep cycle and 12-volt marine batteries
  • Safely charges all types of batteries
  • Is totally waterproof
  • Charges twice as fast as its competitors


  • Some users have had problems with the charger overcharging their batteries

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Schumacher SE-4022 Battery Charger

deep cycle battery charger vs regular

It is important to carefully consider the type of battery charger you are buying since these types of batteries will be working in extreme conditions. If you purchase the wrong type of charger, you can end up with a permanently damaged battery. Safe chargers like the Schumacher SE-4022 Battery Charger will safely charge your car’s battery without fear of damage.

The Schumacher SE-4022 is a long-lasting charger that you will end up using for many years. It comes equipped with a cooling fan that helps to extend its life and give you high performance. It includes a tester that can provide you with a wide variety of charging rates which is a great option for fleet operations.

The Schumacher SE-4022 also works well with both six and twelve-volt batteries, plus it can analyze starting and electrical system issues. It also comes with a multi-functional tester that uses two rotary switches as well as a voltmeter that helps you to test the battery.


  • Easy to use and quickly charges batteries
  • Includes a multi-function tester
  • Comes equipped with a manual wheel charger that features an engine start
  • Includes a two-year warranty
  • Ideal when you need to charge expended vehicle batteries
  • Includes a cooling fan in its design
  • Includes a voltmeter and two rotary switches


  • Does not come equipped with a shut off switch

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ProMariner ProSport Battery Charger

best deep cycle battery charger

The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on a deep cycle charger that damages your battery. With there are a ton of battery chargers available today, so it can be easy to make the wrong choice. For an effective charging experience, you can rely on the ProMariner ProSport Battery Charger to not compromise the life of your battery.

Using 100 percent of the charging amps that are available, the battery distributes on demand technology to the whole battery as it is needed.

Providing efficient and fast charging, the ProMariner ProSport has a short charging time allowing you to get on with your day. It is also lightweight with an advanced technology that prevents that time-consuming troubleshooting by letting you know if the battery connections and system are working fine and will indicate if there is a fault on the battery bank.

This is an ideal charger for any type of weather conditions with its rugged design of extruded aluminum. This compact charger also has a safety feature that includes dual in-line DC fuses as well as built-in over temperature, over-voltage, overload, ignition protection, and reverse polarity.

This is also a great charger for both long and short-term storage. It automatically will recondition the battery once a month for optimum battery life and performance.


  • Improved performance and power
  • Compact and rugged design constructed of extruded aluminum
  • Comes equipped with automatic installation feedback LED indicators
  • Includes charger profiles that are digitally selectable charger profile
  • Includes a two-year manufacturer warranty
  • It comes pre-wired for easy installation
  • Safely maintains all batteries on board


  • Not compatible with 4D batteries

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MinnKota MK Battery Charger

deep cycle battery charger vs regular

Buying a battery for your car is a big investment, so you don’t want it damaged by using the wrong battery charger. Your best investment will be on the right charger to give you the best performance when you next charge your battery The MinnKota MK Battery Charger features a design with a microprocessor that will protect your battery while charging your battery quickly so you can get back out on the water.

This is a simple digital onboard charger to use that includes improved status codes that show you error notifications, charge state, and the maintenance mode status. It also includes safety features like automatic shut-off that will help to extend the life of your battery.


  • Corrosion resistant making it ideal for use in saltwater
  • Includes automatic temperature compensation and multi-stage charging
  • Comes equipped with ignition protection and reverse polarity
  • Waterproof and fast charging
  • Has a convenient onboard mounting design


  • Some users have complained that it doesn’t last very long

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NOCO GENM2 Battery Charger

Another charger from NOCO, the NOCO GENM2 Battery Charger is a waterproof charger that won’t disappoint you. There are so many chargers on the market that claim to be the best, and with the GENM2 you know that you are getting a charger that is ideal for use with 12-volt batteries. It can also maintain and charge any type of lead-acid batteries that range from 20 – 120 Ah.

The NOCO GENM2 can be used with a wet cell, gel cell, AGM, and MF batteries. It is safe for anyone to use as it doesn’t create sparks and will protect your battery from reverse battery hookups, short circuits, open circuits, and overheating.

The GENM2 can also bring back a battery from the dead with its advanced recovery mode by repairing the damaged parts of the battery making them long-lasting and healthy. Plus, this charger uses pulse charging to recover a deeply discharged and sulfated battery.


  • Totally waterproofed and protected from extreme moisture
  • Lightweight and compact
  • ETL approved
  • Safe for anyone to use
  • Uses rapid charging technology to charge batteries twice as fast as its competitors
  • Effectively charges all types of batteries


  • It doesn’t have a shut off switch

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Weego JS12 Battery Charger

best deep cycle battery charger

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a battery charger that could charge your car battery as well as your mobile devices? The Weego JS12 Battery Charger can do just that. It is able to start engines up to 6.4 L as well as charges speakers, phones, tablets, and any other portable USB device.

The Weego JS12 can be used with both gas and diesel engines and is able to jump start trucks, boats, cars, tractors, and motorcycles as well as personal watercraft. This charger has a compact design that allows it to easily fit in your pocket. Even though it is incredibly thin and compact, it doesn’t affect its performance when starting engines.

It also comes with a carrying case so you can store it safely in your pocket or bag when you aren’t using it. This is also a very easy and simple charger to use featuring circuit protections that are built-in that will keep it safe while you are using it, and the built-in flashlight also gives you better visibility. The Weego JS12 works in either cold or hot temperature but its perfect temperature to operate ranges from -4 to 140 degrees F.


  • Easily charges speakers, tablets, phones, and other USB devices
  • Provides a fast and long lasting charge
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to store and small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Works with both diesel and gas engines


  • Some users have complained that the charger doesn’t jump start batteries like advertised

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Check The Latest Price

Marinco Charge Battery Charger

deep cycle battery charger vs regular

When choosing a battery charger, make sure to choose a model that will last many years and won’t damage your battery. The Marinco Charge Battery Charger uses innovative technology and great features to guarantee that you will get the best performance with a durable product that will work well in a marine environment. Using a digital micro compressor control, the charger gives you precise and efficient battery charging.

This totally waterproof charger is perfect for use in water-based environments and is sealed in a strong and corrosion proof thermal epoxy. This allows it to take on any extreme industrial and marine environment you put it in. With a unique housing design, the Marinco Charge Battery is non-corroding which makes it reliable as well as resistant to shock, salt, moisture, and vibration.

The Marinco Charge Battery also allows you to charge different types of batteries without worrying about undercharging or overcharging them. Using sense-send technology, the charger is able to sense what power needs each of the different batteries has and use the correct charge. With a universal voltage input, this is a great tool to charge flooded AGM or lead acid batteries, plus it can also revive a dead battery.


  • Waterproof with intuitive operation
  • Includes a two-year warranty
  • Is able to charge a flooded AGM or gen battery
  • Uses sense send technology that senses the right charge for each battery type


  • None

Check The Latest Price

With all the battery chargers on the market, it can be daunting to make sure you choose the right charger for your battery. You need to be aware of your car’s battery type and its specifications so you can correctly match up your battery with the correct charger so it won’t get damaged by overcharging it.

Once you have all the correct information, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the best deep cycle battery charger for your needs.

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