Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI Review

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI Review

A Review In The Making

Most of us these days have extremely busy lives. We do not have a lot of time to add extra errands into our day. If you are anything like me, you are cautious about your time and your money. I try to save myself time and money wherever I can.

I recently bought a new SUV for business. While having a conversation about saving money and time, a friend suggested looking into a pressure washer to save myself the time and money needed to get my SUV washed on a regular basis.

ivation electric pressure washer reviewivation electric pressure washer review

Researching A Pressure Washer

Pressure washers have been around for years now. There are different brands and models to suit the needs of all types of projects. Most pressure washers are bought for the purpose of cleaning decks, patios, stain removal of concrete surfaces, and furniture. Pressure washers make the cleaning process go by faster than doing it by hand.

There are a few things to be aware of when deciding which pressure washer is the right one for you. The first thing to consider is the type of pressure washer you need. There are two types of pressure washers: gas and electric. Each type serves a separate purpose. The gas pressure washer is more powerful than electric washers. A gas washer can pump out 2,000 to 2,800lbs. of water per square inch. You could use a gas pressure washer for cleaning siding and other large areas. You can also use it to get rid of gum and tree sap.

ivation electric pressure washer reviewivation electric pressure washer review

An electric pressure washer puts out 1,000 to 1,800lbs. of water per square inch. You can use an electric pressure washer for cleaning up small patios, furniture, decks, and other surfaces that cannot handle the pressure a gas washer puts out.

Pay attention to the features. You want to get a pressure washer that comes with a soap tank, wheels, a place to store the cord, if you are getting an electric washer, and nozzles that are not only adjustable but removable. You want to get a washer that has a collection of replaceable nozzles for different washing task.

The best way to determine which pressure washer is the appropriate one for your project is to know what you plan to use it for. If your goal is to get a pressure washer to help you save on car washes, as I plan to do, look at pressure washers designed for versatility.

Introducing The Ivation Pressure Washer

The Ivation Pressure Washer is a high-end pressure washer that packs a punch. Pressure washer is at the top of the electric pressure washer price point and it offers plenty of features to accommodate for the cost. The Ivation gives you the ability to wash multiple types of surfaces with ease. It is easy to setup and easy to use.

Features To Get Excited About

ivation electric pressure washer reviewIvation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI Review

Ivation spared no expense when it came to providing us with useful features. This pressure washer pumps out 2,200 pounds per inch. Its 1,600-watt motor can produce a 1.8 GPM rate of water flow and it has 110 to 240 Volts of electricity power.

You have a choice of using five interchangeable nozzles, a tap adapter, soap tank, pump auto-shutoff, and copper gun hose. You will also benefit from the auto-shutoff feature.

This feature shuts the system down when you stop using it. You can save a lot of money and water with this feature. It also has a self-suction feature enabling you to use stand alone water when you do not have a hose available.

Pros and Cons

The pros for this product make cleaning a successful endeavor.


  • Automatic Shut-off

  • 5 Replacement Nozzles

  • Easy Setup

As with all products, there are cons to consider. The cons for the Ivation are as follows:


  • ​Cost is at the top of the scale
  • No knob to switch from soap to water
  • Only a one year warranty.

I want to take good care of my car and keep it clean. Cars run better when they are cleaned and receive their required maintenance. There are a lot of pressure washers on the market. It is a great idea to look at all your options before pulling the trigger on just one. The thing I think I like most about this particular model is the fact that you can change nozzles and clean your car, then sidewalk etc. Versatility is key. This is a pressure washer I will be doing more research into for purchase consideration.

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