Wash Your Ride Right! Karcher K5 2000 PSI Review

Wash Your Ride Right! Karcher K5 2000 PSI Review

The Karcher K5 Premium is the perfect pressure washer for car washing and other small water pressure jobs around the house. Its features give you both flexibility and power. Here’s a list of some of its features:

Karcher K5 2000 PSI ReviewKarcher K5 2000 PSI Review
  • A powerful jet of water with a pressure of 2000 psi

  • Water flow at 1.4 GPM (Gallons per Minute)

  • Includes a Vario Power Spray wand

  • A 25 foot hose for flexibility and reach

  • A special Dirtblaster attachment

  • Only weighs 32 pounds

  • 7.7 inch wheels for mobility

  • Internally water-cooled motor

  • Cheap for its size

  • A two year warranty

Karcher K5 2000 PSI Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at the Karcher K5 Premium and its features:

Karcher K5 2000 PSI ReviewKarcher K5 2000 PSI Review

2000 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)

For its size, the Karcher K5 packs a lot of punch. 2000 psi gives you plenty of pressure to wash away stubborn grime on your house but preserve the paint on your car. A weaker psi gives you less cleaning power, and a stronger psi risks damage to whatever it is you’re trying to clean. The Karcher K5 finds that middle ground and delivers.

1.4 GPM

Karcher K5 2000 PSI ReviewKarcher K5 Review

Backing up the 2000 psi is a water source of 1.4 GPM, enough to keep the cleaning power flowing. If it had any more power, you’d be using far more water than necessary.

The Karcher K5 was engineered to do more with a conservative amount of water, saving your water bill.

Karcher K5 2000 PSI Review

Vario Spray Wand

A perfect starter wand, the Vario Spray Wand allows you to switch between low and high pressure with ease. There’s plenty of in-between settings too. You won’t have a problem finding the perfect amount of pressure for whatever job you face.

Karcher K5 2000 PSI Reviewkarcher k5 pressure washer review

25 Foot Hose

Nothing will be out of reach with the included 25 foot hose. Reach the top of your vehicle no matter how high it is. Don’t worry about dragging the pressure washer around with you, you’ve got plenty of reach with this hose.

7.7 Inch Wheels

Don’t worry about lugging the Karcher K5 around your yard, it comes equipped with wheels. Mobility is not a problem for this pressure washer. In the event that the 25 foot hose is too short, the wheels will get the pressure washer to wherever it needs to be.

32 Pounds

At 32 pounds, the Karcher K5 has enough mass to get the job done but is light enough to make transportation relatively easy. You shouldn’t have to be a body builder to move your pressure washer around your property, and you won’t have to with the Karcher K5.

Internally Water-Cooled Motor

This feature saves the life of your motor and therefore the life of your pressure washer. Motors can become very hot when used continuously. If they run for too long without time to cool, the heat will accelerate the wear and tear on the motor. With this feature the motor stays cool longer, adding longevity to the motor.

Simply A Better Pressure Washer

The Karcher K5 Premium is not without its competition. However, its features can stand up to any rival. Let’s take a look at a few.

GreenWorks GPW 1702

  • 1700 psi

  • Only 1.2 GPM

A quick glance at the GreenWorks GPW is enough to see that its specs just don’t measure up to the Karcher K5. You get about half the power with the GreenWorks GPW 1702.

Powerstroke PS80519B

  • 2200 psi

  • 140cc

Although the Powerstroke is more powerful than the Karcher K5, the Powerstroke doesn’t come with nearly as many features as the Karcher does. You will get much more with the Karcher K5 than with the Powerstroke PS80519B.

AR Blue Clean AR 118

  • 1500 psi

  • 1.5 GPM

The AR Blue Clean AR 118 is a little baby of a pressure washer. Don’t expect much from this little guy. With its limited pressure capabilities, you won’t get as much out of the AR Blue Clean as you would from the Karcher.

The Choice Is Clear

The Karcher K5 Premium provides enough power to wash a car and many other cleaning tasks for just the right price. It combines portability, power, and affordability into one perfect pressure washer. The abundance of features guarantees that the Karcher K5 is well equipped for just about any job. If you’re tired of wasting your time washing your car and staring at dirt and grime around your house, the Karcher K5 Premium is the power washer for you.

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